Scott Hertler


Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Winter 2019

35904KNES 6AX1Aerobic Power Walking
35349KNES 12G1Self-Defense
35905KNES 15CX3Total Fitness
34735KNES 25AX1Stretching
35910KNES 25AX2Stretching
34736KNES 25BX1Active Isolated Stretching
35911KNES 25BX2Active Isolated Stretching
35263KNES 31AX1Beginning Badminton
35265KNES 31AX2Beginning Badminton
35264KNES 31BX1Intermediate Badminton
35266KNES 31BX2Intermediate Badminton
35267KNES 31BX3Intermediate Badminton
35268KNES 31CX1Advanced Badminton
35912KNES 32AX1Beginning Tennis
35913KNES 32BX1Advanced Beginning Tennis
35914KNES 32CX1Intermediate Tennis

Fall 2018

24675KNES 5A1Indoor Cycling
24676KNES 5B1High Intensity Indoor Cycling
23560KNES 19AX6Strength Development
24905KNES 19BX3Strength Development 2
24198KNES 19DX3Resistance Training 1
23451KNES 25AX1Stretching
23459KNES 25AX2Stretching
23460KNES 25BX1Active Isolated Stretching
24083KNES 25BX2Active Isolated Stretching
23389KNES 31AX1Beginning Badminton
23413KNES 31AX2Beginning Badminton
23390KNES 31BX1Intermediate Badminton
23414KNES 31BX2Intermediate Badminton
24082KNES 31CX1Advanced Badminton
24208KNES 32A1Beginning Tennis
24210KNES 32B1Advanced Beginning Tennis
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