Terry Ellis



Paralegal Studies Program

Classes I Teach

Fall 2018

00060ADMJ 31Concepts of Criminal Law (CP 2)
24315ADMJ 9561Overview of American Law
24157PARA 31Concepts of Criminal Law (CP 2)
21060PARA 6455Paralegal Internship
01979PARA 64X55Paralegal Internship
21758PARA 64Y55Paralegal Internship
21061PARA 64Z55Paralegal Internship
22771PARA 9461Introduction to California Law
01991PARA 9561Overview of American Law
24158POLI 131Concepts of Criminal Law (CP 2)
24317POLI 9561Overview of American Law

Summer 2018

11404ADMJ 6455Administration of Justice Internship
11405ADMJ 64X55Administration of Justice Internship
11406ADMJ 64Y55Administration of Justice Internship
11407ADMJ 64Z55Administration of Justice Internship
12378PARA 6455Paralegal Internship
10233PARA 64X55Paralegal Internship
11347PARA 64Y55Paralegal Internship
11348PARA 64Z55Paralegal Internship
12560PARA 8961Landlord Tenant Law
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